The Journal of Energy and Development  is a peer-reviewed journal, which has been published since 1975 by the International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (ICEED). With over 750 articles to date, this biannual periodical covers international energy, environment, and sustainable economic development issues offering perspectives from an array of global authors. The Journal of Energy and Development articles focus on energy-related topics, the environment, renewable energy, sustainability, cleantech, energy transition, pollution reduction, access to water and power, poverty alleviation, hydrocarbon development and management, macroeconomic trends, energy geopolitics, UN sustainable development goals, and policies of energy-producing and consuming countries.  The Journal of Energy and Development's mission is to expand access to relevant energy and sustainability issues globally and has published articles on more than 140 countries by authors from over 60 countries. Our goal is to support open access. The Journal of Energy and Development publishes two issues a year: spring and autumn.